A Different Way to Hustle

November is becoming my favorite month. 

Thanksgiving has always been one of my faves, if not my #1 favorite holiday. 

And, my business seems to thrive this time of year. Of course, that feels good. I mean, it feels AHmazing, amiright???

But the reason WHY it’s typically the best month in terms of revenue is something I’ve been digging into these past few days. It’s been calling to me to actually think about it and call it out. 

So think I did. Well, I went for a run and cooked dinner, and then took a nice hot shower. But while I was doing all that, I asked *what* it was that I was needing most right now. 

What was my next step?

And this is what I thought about…

Each summer season, I choose to lighten up a bit and spend time with my girls while they’re out of school and try to focus on getting outside and enjoying the short (yet amazing) New England summer. After school goes back into session (not the case for us this year, but I digress) I find myself in a place of hustle. Feeling like it’s time to turn on the jets and get moving to meet my goals.

It’s awesome.

I plan. I focus. I get excited and start tracking everything in October. The calls. The meetings. The new clients. The dollars. 

And it goes well. I feel it. Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh.

And this year…I’ve been kind of perplexed. It wasn’t feeling 100% fantastically awesome. It’s been feeling a little too pushed. A little too meh. So the other night, I scrapped my tracking sheets. 

You might be thinking, WTF Maura?!?!? You took a different path and ditched tried and true, logical steps that have worked for you in the past???

And quite honestly, they were still working… but something was missing. Some “things” were missing from my business activities. And as I thought (and ran and cooked, etc.), they came back…

The 5 Ws, if you will…

Gratitude is why. Why November is so good. Focusing on being grateful for what I do have and what already is, and grateful for what is coming. 

Intention is what. Putting my dreams and goals out there, documenting them. Writing my intentions out daily is a new practice (thank you, Rachel Hollis).

Listening and receiving is how. Being open to guidance on the next thing that I need to do is the best way for me to be clear on what action steps to take. Trust me, there are so many things I WANT to do… this helps me focus on the next best thing. 

Meditation and other self-care are when. This Type AAA girl who used to scoff at the idea of meditation, stillness, and quiet and ran herself ragged every chance she got because THAT was achievement?

Yeah. Me. (Oh, and that’s the WHO)

This is when the magic happens. 

(I’m serious.) Not hocus pocus magic, but rock your business in a way that feels really AHmazing kind of magic.

Now you’re definitely wondering if I’ve lost it, and if I think magic really works in business. “How on earth…??? Do you NOT want to pay your team???”

I do. And I will. With ease.

Less than 24 hours after ditching the sheets, the clients, and contracts that were floating around came in. The ideas that were frantically orbiting around in my head settled during my morning meditation. My gratitude offerings for November and 2021 are coming together and they feel so good and juicy!

This different path feels so much better!

This way works...alongside the strategy and the planning and the support of an incredible team and out-of-this-world friends. 

So…back to gratitude. It is everything.