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What I’m Doing (and Not Doing) in 2019

What I’m doing (and not doing) in 2019

2018 Recap 2018…that was SO last year. I mean, it was a year, for sure. There were some highs (I found my incredible business tribe). And some lows (ummm, cancer). And as always, lots of lessons along the way. The good thing about lessons??? They kickstart growth. So, as tough as 2018 was, I’m grateful…

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Commitment. It’s THE word right now.

New Year’s resolutions are all the rage…at least for a few more days. Then, even the most well-intentioned human, will start to struggle with the list of promises they made to eat better, work out more, be nicer to their siblings or spouse, and take better care of themselves. Struggling doesn’t mean giving up… I’ve…

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4 Ways Nature’s Magic is Good for Business & Soul

4 Ways Nature's Magic is Good for Business & Soul

This past weekend, I threw the clock back, tossed off the covers, and went hiking! Who knew it was going to be good for business? A little crazy considering I haven’t done anything physically challenging since surgery, and really, since March. 2 days out, I’m definitely acknowledging that I may have been a bit overzealous…

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Fair Questions to Give Your Marketing Direction

fair questions to give your marketing direction

Today, my girls and I met up with Darren and his daughters (and his oldest’s +1!) at the Deerfield Fair in Deerfield, NH. We were looking for something to do that was the quintessential “fall in New England” activity, but didn’t involve hours of baking as the follow up! So an agricultural fair beat out…

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What Marketing Fear has Your Head in the Sand?

What Marketing Fear has Your Head in the Sand

A while back, I took the girls for their physicals and flu shots. Always a fun day on the parent calendar! In coaching our youngest, Emma, through her fear and panic over the shot, I was reminded of a sign I had received. It was during lunch on the day of our first webinar (almost…

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Paying it Forward (and a Free Strategy Call Offer!)

Paying It Forward

Sooooo…one of the key values at LillaBlu (and for me, really) is transparency. It can be hard, especially when we don’t want to bother or burden others…or if we’re afraid to be seen…or worried about what others will think. When I was trying to organize my thoughts to prep for a live video I did…

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How the Right Help Can Make Work Fun, Easy, and Beautiful

Last week I had surgery. It was planned, although I don’t think we ever “plan” on having surgery! It wasn’t small, yet not so intense as some of the surgeries I’ve watched my parents and other loved ones go through… and it is already jam-packed with lessons for me. Some background I had a laparoscopic…

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