How to Focus on a Morning Routine for Business Success

Let me be honest here – I have always kinda thrived on stress and deadlines and expectations. The bigger and more unwieldy, the better.

But last year – I was overwhelmed.

A lot. More than I could handle, really.

I knew I needed more routine in my life, but seriously… As a mom of two teenage daughters that have crazy school and sports schedules of their own and a business owner…HOW WAS I GOING TO FIND ROUTINE?!?!?! No two days were ever the same, and I kind of liked that.

At first I didn’t know how or what but I needed something better than the then-current status of get through the day and then partake in a routine of girls to bed, glass of wine, and work until I crashed. That didn’t really work.

I needed to set myself up for success.

Give me the best chance for the best day – every day.

What I did know was that I loved mornings – so the opposite of young Maura. It was this secret little pocket of time. That is IF I actually got up when my alarm first went off, when the girls were still sleeping, the coffee was brewing. Then, I could get stuff done. Lots of stuff. Usually, work to prep for a meeting, make the girls lunches, and cook breakfast…but if I didn’t hit snooze…

I started to wonder what ELSE I could do???

Now…until recently, I thought I would thrive running my own business in my old triple A type personality ways. (See aforementioned thriving on stress, deadlines, and wild expectations.) But a few years ago, I started to learn about this thing called meditation and its benefits.

TRUTH: It was really REALly hard for me.

BIGGER TRUTH: It IS possible. Even if you’re like me and think there’s NO WAY your mind can stop long enough to “meditate” or that you’re too restless to sit still.

It’s a practice. For a reason.

It doesn’t happen on the first try, or the first 10, but one day, if you stick with it, you will realize that you just had the most peaceful 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes you’ve ever experienced. And maybe something popped into your head that was an amazing revenue generating idea – totally out of nowhere.

Over these past 2 really difficult and challenging years, I let my practice slide. So when I maxed out on overwhelm post divorce and mid-cancer surgeries, I knew that meditation was what I needed back in my life, and this time as part of a bigger practice. A routine. Something I had balked my whole life… I craved it.

And here’s the thing: this practice isn’t just calming. It can be life changing.

It can be enlightening. And I will tell you – it will help your business in so many ways. After all, you are your business, and the more you care for you, the more you AND your business will benefit. So for the Type-A people out there, really, it’s work.

So, let me share my *ideal* morning with you. I say *ideal* because I’m human. I’m not perfect. And this doesn’t happen every day. Some days I choose extra sleep, or snooze, or snuggles.

But when I look back and realize I’ve had an AWESOME day…this is how it starts:

  • Get up and brew the coffee if I didn’t program it the night before
  • Sneak back into my room before Larry realizes I’m up and barks for a walk
  • Pop in my earbuds, get comfortable, and open my Insight Timer app
  • Listen to one of the many guided meditations I have bookmarked (usually around gratitudes and intentions for the day) OR
  • Choose a meditation done by my sweet friend Glenda Lane
  • Sneak out to the kitchen, grab my cup of coffee, sneak back into the room
  • Write for 5 minutes or so in my gratitude journal
  • Read a few pages from whatever book I’m reading – right now, my paper book is You’re A Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero
  • Stretch (I’m working on getting an actual workout into this routine…but right now, that fits better in the afternoon or evening)

Then…I’m ready. I walk Larry, get the girls up, pack lunches and make breakfast, shower, and get us all off for the day!

And I will tell you, I have found that the most important part of this routine for me is being grateful.

If I do nothing else, I make sure I write out what I’m grateful for – sometimes in sentences, sometimes in bullets. But regardless of how its written, thinking about all that I’m grateful for raises my vibration, my mood, and my energy for the day…and no matter what’s ahead, I know it’s going to be a great day.

What do you do regularly to set yourself up for success? Tell me in the comments!