2019 Business Plan - do it now

Why You Need to Create your 2019 Business Plan NOW!

A few weeks ago, a memory popped up on Facebook that reminded me of how things used to be. Back when I had a J. O. B. and apparently worked crazy hours, my little peanut came to me and said that she wished I had a job with not so many hours. I think she may have used the word “shorter,” although I don’t remember exactly. I do remember it stinging like freshly squeezed lemon in an open wound. Or jalapeno juice on your fingers when you take your contacts out.

An evil kind of pain.

What did I know?

I knew back then, some seven years ago, that I was destined to do my own thing. I knew it…but didn’t know how. It took some time. And quite honestly, I wanted to do so many things…I kinda needed to figure it out. Where did my passion and genius intersect? What was I meant to do? What could I even do out on my own? And I knew I wanted and needed to do something to bring me closer to my girls before they became teenagers and I was at a disadvantage fighting for time and connection against friends and cell phones.

Like a ton of bricks

So when the opportunity presented itself, like an anvil falling from the sky at first, I turned 180 degrees away from searching for the next landing spot in my career and followed my dreams of doing my own thing. But, what was that again?

I got started doing what I knew. What had earned me pats on the back and a career path. Marketing and Communications. Great…but what was so exciting about it? I felt in my gut that there was a better way. I didn’t know that what I was feeling was actually my passion, my thing. I just knew it was the way. And sometimes – STILL – it’s hard to explain. And yet so simple.

It’s all about relationships. What I do…the magic in real, meaningful and authentic marketing is in the people and how we all engage and interact. It’s the common thread in everything I’ve ever done…and when my passion for bringing people together collided with my brain’s big-picture strategy side…that’s my WHY…my MAGIC.

It wasn’t always that clear…

When I launched LillaBlu, I did this. But I didn’t know that it was what I was doing. I was rather oblivious to the fact that this “magic” is what set me apart and helped me help my clients succeed. I thought I was just building marketing plans and executing marketing tactics. I honestly didn’t think I was teaching them or coaching them, or that that’s even what would help them take what we were doing to the next level.

Entrepreneurial Evolution

As an entrepreneur, life is always evolving. You’re always growing, even if you don’t quite realize it. It’s part of what brings me joy in this journey I’m on. I get to create, day in and day out, what the day will bring. Which of my girls’ games I can make. What dinner is going to look like when I’m meeting clients all day in NH, then have an hour and a half drive home…oh, and the fridge is empty because I opted for watching my girl’s volleyball game yesterday and extra snuggles this morning. No biggie, right? (Rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods to the rescue…again!)

I get to help others create…and build…and grow…and evolve. And it’s pretty awesome for all of us. It’s fun and rewarding, scary and exhilarating. But the most important part is…

It starts with a plan.

And now is the time to start planning. Before the holidays are here (it’s not long until Thanksgiving…and Halloween is in 2 days!!!) and we’re totally booked solid with family commitments and social engagements ON TOP OF doing our work in the world… it’s mission critical to stop and give a little attention to the coming year. Before we know it, we’ll be sitting at our desks, or on the couch, with a trough of coffee in our hands and a blank stare, wondering what we’re going to do this year to take our businesses to the next level. I know I’ve been there. It sucks.

Which is why I’m going to help YOU get ready to tackle 2019 and planning for an amazing year.

Are you ready to put in a little time to ensure a smooth start to 2019? I mean, if you like always flying by the seat of your pants and guessing what’s next, rock it. But if too much of that leaves you craving a reset and a little more control over what you get to create every day…let’s see how we can get you set up for success in 2019 and beyond.

Check out what’s coming up to help you succeed in 2019. We’ve got a webinar to get you started and a one-day workshop coming in December.