Super REAL Human Podcast – The Impact of Understanding Your Family Imprint with Johanna Lynn

Episode #127

Is our family history impacting our current relationships, mindset, and even our finances? In this episode of Super Real Human, I’m joined by Johanna Lynn, the founder of the Family Imprint, to discuss family imprints, epigenetics, and emotional inheritance. 

Joanna shares insights on epigenetics and how healing past influences helps individuals process stored pain, shift perspectives, and gain a fresh outlook on their relationships. By uncovering the connections between past experiences and current behaviors, we can recognize patterns that may be hindering our progress or causing repeated challenges in our lives. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Understanding family imprints and emotional inheritance
  • The impact of family history on personal relationships and decision-making
  • Childhood experiences and attitudes towards money and how they influence our current financial mindset and behaviors
  • Healing through the power of systemic thinking

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Episode #127