Super REAL Human Podcast – Overcoming the Habit of Playing Small to Grow Your Business & Thrive

Episode #124

Are you a single mama and business owner who struggles with putting yourself and your business out there? In this episode, I share my experiences with “playing small” and how I overcome that mindset. As moms and female entrepreneurs, we tend to let our fears overshadow our growth. We get caught up in our responsibilities and don’t give our business the love it deserves. It’s time to break free from that mindset by sharing your offers and making connections. It’s time to show up and play big.

In this episode, I cover:

  • The importance of promoting all aspects of our work, big and small
  • Breaking out of negative mindsets
  • The fear of being viewed as “too much” as a female entrepreneur in the business world and realistic strategies for moving beyond a tendency to “play small”

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Episode #124