How I Made My Big Dream a Reality…


We have them when we’re sleeping AND when we’re awake. Our subconscious authors the former, which totally fascinates me…especially right now. 

Lately, my dreams have been wild. My brain is definitely feeling the effects of the COVID quarantine, and let’s just say my sleep hasn’t been all that peaceful lately. 

But the other dreams, the big goal-driven, life dreams?

Yeah, the awesomeness you daydream about, or, if you’re like me, daydream then try to meticulously plan out (only to go back to daydreaming)? Yeah…that’s what we’re talking about here. 

I shared last week that a big dream of mine was to host a really intimate, transformational retreat that reconnected entrepreneurs with their purpose and passion, helping them fall in love with marketing their business and themselves, and creating a roadmap to get back and stay on track in growing their work. At one of the first business retreats I ever went on, and the first time I remember really visualizing my business and where I saw myself 5 years down the road…I saw it. Sitting there on the beach in LA, my eyes fixed on the horizon, listening to the waves…I daydreamed of this event. Fast forward 4 years…and there we were!

It took time. It took a lot of work, and a very winding path…but this dream came true.

Now, I didn’t have a detailed plan that I followed. I didn’t know all the steps to take to get to the place where I knew it was time. I knew how to plan events and conferences and all that jazz…but I didn’t know how I was going to get to ACTUALLY DOING IT. All I did was keep that dream in the back of my mind, and everything I did in my business, every action I took, moved me forward. And eventually, without even thinking about it or realizing it, I was so close. 

But was it time??? How do you know “when it’s time” anyway? 

I knew in my gut…it was go time. I saw the place. Found the dates. Lined it all up. 

Then I looked at the price tags…and said there’s no way. 

I freaked out.

What was I going to do? How could I get here and then let it all go? I came so very close to cancelling it – even though I had people signed up!!! Fear was creeping in…

And then two critically important things happened…

First, my person looked at me, handed me his credit card, and reminded me that this was my dream. He said that I needed to do this, it was clearly meant to be, and there was no reason to let it slip away.

I was supported. In all the ways. 

Second…I actually opened up to receiving the support. 

Sounds kind of like a no brainer, but really, it’s not.

Receiving, accepting support or help or love even (that’s a totally different post for another day) was always a challenge for me. As in – I was the helper. I was the giver. I didn’t take. I did it all myself. Like a stubborn toddler. I DO. I DO MYSELF.

These two very important things happened…and then it all fell into place. More registrations came in. Bills were paid. Magic happened.

And the feelings that flooded in…OH MY.

The morning of the retreat, I woke up and cried. I couldn’t believe that I was there. Watching the sun rise over the ocean. Knowing that attendees were on their way and we were going to create awesomeness together. Knowing that my dream was really, actually happening. HOLY CRAP!!!

All of the feels. And then the energy…I felt it pumping through my veins. It took over, and the day was freaking magical. There was one moment…after one woman opened up and asked a question about balance. And I responded fully vulnerable…and I felt it.

I knew in that moment that I was doing exactly what I was meant to do.

It wasn’t running around like crazy trying to get a million things done. It wasn’t chasing down campaigns and keywords and ad copy…

This wonderful woman came to me at the end of the day, and as I was giving hugs goodbye (OMG, I miss hugging!!!) she said quietly, “You changed my life today.”

I was floored. Stopped dead in my tracks. I changed your life??? I changed her life???

She changed her life. She showed up, and opened up. 

I met her there. I held space and showed her it was ok to be her, so she could see what she needed to see, learn what she was looking for. 

Our dreams are game changers. They are life changing. And often, like, I’m pretty sure always…not just for us.