Super REAL Human Podcast – STICK-TO-ITIVENESS with Maura & Darren

Episode #65

Pivoting and changing your course of action is not quitting. Quitting is setting a goal and giving up on that goal. It is ok to leave something to start something new if it is better for you and your family. Life is like a roller coaster- there are ups and downs. No matter what it is you are going through if you have the right mindset you will get through it. So enjoy the ride and embrace the journey. As Darren says, “embrace the suck.”

Britannica Dictionary definition of STICK–TO–ITIVENESS. [noncount] US, informal. : the quality that allows someone to continue trying to do something even though it is difficult or unpleasant.

If you want to hear about Darren’s and my recent mountain climbing adventures and how we found a small piece of joy to push through, then join us in this conversation on Super Real Human.

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Episode #65