Super REAL Human Podcast – Sneaky Grief

Episode #62

If you have been following my journey, then you already know that I lost my mom several years ago and that I recently lost my dad. I have openly shared her thoughts, feelings, and struggles during the time of my father’s decline in health and during his passing. I was determined to go through this time of losing my dad differently than when I lost my mom. By taking a step back and being in the day-to-day moments with my dad, I was able to do everything that I could to make sure he received the best care that he could. Or did I?

In this episode, you will hear how I have been having these feelings of doubt, sadness, and grief creep up in my life and how I am processing and dealing with these emotions. If you are ready for some real talk about grief, whether it was in the past or currently in the present, then this episode is for you.

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Episode #62