Super REAL Human Podcast – Finding Confidence Through Creativity with Author Amanda Stacey

Episode #90

I am so excited to welcome Amanda Stacey to the podcast. Amanda shares her experience of losing her identity and vanishing behind her family. She was living her life solely for her husband and kids, with no time for herself. No one noticed when she lost an earring, which made her realize how invisible she had become. She tried to be happy with her role, but when she was inspired to write her book, it was like therapy. She created a strong, powerful character who does not disappear behind anyone and is a powerhouse. 

Amanda is a self-published author and a stay-at-home mom. She just released her debut novel, “Born Out of Darkness,” this past January 2023. 

Join Amanda and me in this discussion to hear all about what inspired the book and get a little look inside Amanda’s life and how she is a Super Real Human.

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Episode #90