Marketing: Untangled

Mindful marketing strategies that help you gain visibility & confidence to share your message

For the mindful entrepreneur looking for high-impact results with a combination of 1:1 coaching and peer support.

6-month High-Impact Mastermind for Mindful Business Owners

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You’re doing the things you “need” to do. You’re driven, checking off the boxes brings you joy (I feel you!), business is going well. AND...something isn’t right. Something is in your way. 

We untangle that.

You are overwhelmed by all the tactical to-dos of running your business - from packaging and pricing to scaling and hiring or outsourcing, and you have a hard time with the practical aspects of marketing your business in a way that feels good - and RIGHT - to you. 

We untangle that.

We cultivate your confidence by understanding what works and what doesn’t in both the tangible aspects of business and marketing, and the mindful, magical side of it...and you. 

We celebrate, clarify, and create - that’s how we work. We map out your action-inspired implementation and then we do it again. It becomes your cycle. Your practice. Your work, your joy, and your success. 

This unique mastermind is a combination of an intimate, passionate group of peers sharing their knowledge and experience, encouragement, accountability, and support AND 1:1 coaching for focused growth and action. It’s the best of both worlds.

If you are determined to

  • Increase revenue
  • Grow consistently
  • Be more visible, and comfortable doing it
  • Connect and engage with your audience
  • Expand your capacity without overwhelm or “doing” more
  • Identify, acknowledge, and clear away what’s holding you back
  • Build your business in a mindful, sustainable, just-for-you way

You are ready to untangle.


  • 1x 60 minute 1:1 kick-off strategy session (recorded)
  • 18x 90-minute Group Mastermind sessions 
  • 6x 60-minute 1:1 Coaching sessions 
  • Mindful Marketing Workbook ($47 value)
  • M-R Slack Support Hours - ask me your questions!!!
  • Marketing: Untangled discount available for other LillaBlu events and retreats
Additional Details:
  • Sign up by January 31, 2022, and enjoy Bonus calls in February AND spread payments over 9 months!


So...what IS this mastermind?

It's the group that, with its collective experience and creative intelligence, will drive each individual member forward as they grow and reach their goals. With no more than 10 members, each member gets a "hot seat" or the attention and focus during each weekly call, and of course, each month has one whole hour 1:1 with Maura to dive deep into their personal goals, blocks, and anything else impacting life and business!


What will we cover? What will I learn?

We'll tackle everything from messaging and branding, to packaging and pricing, from creating new offers and closing out ones that no longer bring you (or your clients) joy, to scaling your programs and leveraging team members (hiring!!!). We'll dig into how to handle it when things go wrong and even what to do when things go oh-so-right! We'll talk about CEO days, what they GET TO look like, when they should be, and WHY you won't grow your business without them. So. Much. Social Media. We'll talk a LOT about play, and constantly remind ourselves to do it!

All. The. Things. 

There is no one checklist when you're running a business. We tackle what YOU'RE dealing with WHEN you're dealing with it...and by masterminding, you'll learn about how to do all the other things we dig into for the others, too.

Marketing: Untangled is YOUR people.

Client Love

“[I learned that] I have all the tools within me to be a successful business owner! It doesn't mean I don't need guidance to pull it out in a way that's helpful, but I am MORE than capable of running my own business and succeeding. There were guideposts (the workbook, etc.), but the coaching is personalized even when in a group setting, and like, Maura just genuinely wants to help people (me) and see me succeed and it's very obvious!”

"I felt that the goals of my business were understood and that there was a genuine investment in my business's success and that my own preferences for marketing were understood. Not a cookie-cutter coaching approach or program."

"I felt like Maura and I were very similar and she understood how my brain worked when it came to business - so she's walked this path before, even if technically very different life circumstances behind it. I also knew that marketing and building a marketing foundation was super important to start with even this early on in my business because if I was going to go out on my own, I needed to be able to attract clients. Maura has created a space for folks like me to show up as we are!"